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A variety of sports programs for kids and teens in Mansfield and Shelby.


Youth sports are a great way for children to develop physical, emotional, and social skills which learning about discipline, respect, and teamwork. Check out some of our commonly offered sports programs below, and check out our schedule to view current offerings, which vary depending on season and location.


Go after your GOALS! and HAVE FUN. Practice with classmates and build new relationships. Our outdoor and indoor soccer program will help develop self-esteem, social skills, and athletic skills. 

Mansfield Branch-Soccer Clinic, Ages 5-8, 9-12

Registration: June 13-June 26, 2022

Program Duration: June 29, 2022

Mansfield Branch-FUTSAL 5v5 Skills League U12

Registration: October 24-January 28, 2023

Program Starts: February 4, 2023

Shelby Branch-Little Kickers Ages 2-5 

Registration: March 1-March 31, 2023
Program Duration: April 11-May 30, 2023

Shelby Branch-Ages 2-5

Registration: August 1-August 31, 2022

Program Duration: September 6-October 20, 2022

Track and Field

The Track and Field program is for BEGINNERS, INTERMEDIATE, and ADVANCED athletes. Beginners will be taught the fundamentals of track and field and how to progress effectively. Intermediate and Advanced athletes will be taught how to strengthen their bodies and take their track and field skills to the next level. Our program will not only teach about the different races/events but will give athletes the opportunity to compete in real track meets. 

Mansfield Branch-Ages 5-18

Registration: February 21-April 3, 2022

Program Duration: April 11-June 30, 2022


YMCA T-Ball is a fun, non-competitive program designed to teach players the fundamentals of baseball. Coaches introduce basic topics such as hitting from a tee, fielding balls, throwing to bases, catching, and more. 

Mansfield Branch-Ages 3-6

Registration: May 2-May 15, 2022

Program Duration: May 16-June 18, 2022

Shelby Branch-Ages 3-7

Registration: May 1-May 30, 2023

Program Duration: June 12-July 24, 2023

Flag Football

Boys and girls are welcome to participate in the NFL Flag Football League. This league is a great opportunity for your child to gain exposure and learn the fundamentals of football in a fun, positive, and uplifting environment.


Mansfield Branch-Grades 1st-4th

Registration: July 5-August 19, 2022

Program Duration: August 23-October 29, 2022

Shelby Branch-Grades K-6th

Registration: June 27-July 29, 2022

Program Duration: September 6-October 20, 2022

Tackle Football (Shelby City School District Students)

Tackle Football is designed to teach youth about life lessons and good sportsmanship. Your child will learn safe and effective skills from trained volunteers.

Shelby Branch-Grades 5th-6th

Registration: May 19-July 20, 2022

Program Duration: September 6-October 20, 2022

Cross Country

Cross country will keep you in shape and give you an edge in other sports. Participants will learn new techniques to enhance their running endurance. 

Shelby Branch-Ages 4-11

Registration: July 15-August 27, 2022

Program Duration: August 21-October 15, 2022


Our basketball program is a great opportunity for boys and girls to gain exposure and LEARN FUNDAMENTALS of basketball and TEAMWORK in a positive, safe, and UPLIFTING ENVIRONMENT! 

Mansfield Branch-Hoop and Shoot-Grades 3rd-6th

Registration: February 6, 2023-February 19, 2023

Program Duration: February 25, 2023 (5-week Program)

Mansfield Branch-Bitty Basketball-Ages 5-6 years old

Registration: February 6, 2023-February 19, 2023

Program Duration: February 25, 2023 (5-week Program)

Mansfield Branch-3-Day Summer Clinic, Ages 6-7, 8-11

Registration: June 22-July 18, 2022  

Program Duration: July 19, 20, 21

Mansfield Branch-Grades 1st-6th

Registration: September 12-October 30, 2022  

Program Duration: November 28-February 11, 2023

Shelby Branch-Ages 3-K and Grades 1st-6th

Registration: August 29-October 17, 2022

Program Duration: November 1-December 29, 2022

Gym & Swim

Do you want your homeschooler to be more physically active and meet new friends? At the YMCA of North Central Ohio, our Homeschool Gym and Swim program provides an opportunity to do just that! The Homeschool Gym and Swim program is a great way to give parents a break during the day and the kids a chance to be active! The participants will have a chance every week to learn a new sport/activity and have some fun in the pool while getting a swim lesson. Varies at branch locations during Program Registration (see below for 2023 Program Session Dates) for ages 3-12 years old (Mansfield) and ages 3-14 (Shelby).

Sports Sampler

Kids will learn basic fundamentals skills involved in a variety of sports, including basketball, soccer, track & field, football, and T-ball. Emphasis will be placed on the core skills of each sport. As kids develop their athletic talents, they also build character, values, and confidence through teamwork and discipline. Varies at branch locations during Program Registration (see below for 2023 Program Session Dates) for ages 6-12 years old.

Swim Club

The benefits of swimming are amazing! Increase muscle tone, strength, improve flexibility, heart health, weight control, and so much more. Swim Club is offered to children 16 and younger at the Shelby YMCA. Learn more about Swim Club HERE.


Mansfield Contact: Stephen Greene - Program Director: 419-522-3511 ext 227

Mansfield Contact: Jennifer Jeffery - Membership Engagement & Aquatics Director:

419-522-3511 ext 264

Shelby Contact: Stephanie Faulkner-Program & Aquatics Director 419-347-1312 ext 503


Lindsay’s Law

All youth sports participants are required to have a signed Lindsay's Law form for each program. 

Click HERE to visit the Ohio Department of Health page on Linsays Law and Sudden Cardiac Arrest. 

You can download a copy of the Parent - Athlete Signature form HERE

Click here to watch Lindsay Law video


HEADS UP to Youth Sports - Concussion Information

For more information for coaches regarding concussions and youth sports - click HERE to visit the Center for Disease Control and Prevention page on the HEADS UP to Youth Sports program. 

You can also download a FACT SHEET HERE

Concussion Action Plan HERE

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2023 Program Session Dates

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